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Director of Referee Training

Don Mathews, appointed June 2016

The Director of Referee Training manages the USOA referee and referee training program, reporting to the USA Underwater Hockey board The director is expected to focus on improving how we train and select referees, leaving tournament directors with responsibility for finding referees.

The director works with the Rules Director (Doug Roth) and Chief Referee (John Kulsa) to:

  • Implement the established curriculum for referee training
  • Interpret the rules
  • Disseminate the interpretation information to clubs and referees

The director maintains the list of names of qualified referees and their levels and clubs they belong to.
With the Competitions Director (Jen Whitman) the director maintain a “best practices for refereeing” section of the tournament handbook.

The director is responsible for disseminating recent changes in the rules to referees and updating training materials.

The hockey committee would like the director to build upon basic guidelines for clubs to follow to improve the refereeing across the country, as per established guidelines “Referee proposal”.

The director reports to the USA Underwater Hockey Committee on a regular basis.

Requirements: The person must be a dues paying member of USOA and an active member of the U.S. underwater hockey community.