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Underwater Hockey Committee Rules

Underwater hockey in the United States is guided by an elected committee, which serves under the auspices of the Underwater Society of America (USOA). The committee meets monthly, and runs an annual membership meeting at the US Nationals tournament each year.

Download the committee rules in PDF format: USOA UWH Committee Rules

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Adopted the 1 day of June 2009

USOA Underwater Hockey is one of several USOA underwater sports. These rules shall govern the selection and operation of the USOA Underwater Hockey Committee. The Chairperson of the Underwater Hockey Committee shall serve as the USOA Underwater Hockey Director with approval of the Society membership. These Rules supplement and define the requirements of the USOA Bylaws and USOA Standardized Competitive Rules.


1.1 The Membership of USOA Underwater Hockey are those USOA members who have paid the established USOA Underwater Hockey Fee.
1.2 The USOA Underwater Hockey Fee shall be established annually by the vote of the Underwater Hockey Committee prior to the beginning of USOA membership year.


2.1 The Underwater Hockey Committee shall be composed of 7 members elected by the Underwater Hockey Membership.
2.2 Immediately following election, the Committee shall select a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and a Secretary from its elected members.
2.3 The Chairperson shall serve as the USOA Underwater Hockey Director pending approval of the USOA Membership at the Annual Meetings of the Society.
2.4 The Committee shall select a Financial Secretary who may be from outside the elected Committee. If not an elected member, the Financial Secretary shall be a non-voting Committee member.
2.5 The Committee shall make such nonvoting appointments as are necessary to manage and promote USOA Underwater Hockey. Appointments shall include but are not limited to:
2.5.1 a Rules Director who shall: manage rule change proposals as directed by The Underwater Hockey Committee. represent USOA Underwater Hockey at international rules meetings.
2.5.2 a Chief Referee who shall manage the USOA referee program.
2.5.3 a Development Director who shall manage the development of Underwater Hockey in the United States.
2.5.4 a National Teams Coordinator who shall: initiate the selection process for each of the national teams as directed by the Underwater Hockey Committee and section 8.0. coordinate logistics of entries, travel, and lodging for World Championships.
2.5.5 a Competitions Director who shall: facilitate the annual national championship tournament. manage the schedule of USOA Underwater Hockey sanctioned tournaments.


3.1 The Underwater Hockey Committee shall:
3.1.1 manage all elements of USOA Underwater Hockey,
3.1.2 receive annual reports from all person responsible to the Committee. An annual report is considered the minimum performance in any position.
3.1.3 report annually to the USOA Board of Directors and to the Underwater Hockey Membership,
3.1.4 shall provide contact information to the Society office for all persons chosen to serve USOA Underwater Hockey
3.1.5 establish annually the USOA Underwater Hockey Fee prior to the beginning of the USOA membership year,
3.1.5 support, abide by and enforce the USOA Bylaws and USOA Standardized Competitive Rules,
3.1.6 observe regulation imposed by the Society’s tax exempt status, and
3.1.7 if otherwise not specified, conduct business in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order

3.2 The Underwater Hockey Committee Members shall:
3.2.1 support the efforts and goals of USOA Underwater Hockey,
3.2.2 attend all meetings of the Committee,
3.2.3 serve on subcommittees as needed,
3.2.4 provide advice and expertise as requested,
3.2.5 prepare and present reports and materials as needed or requested, and
3.2.6 perform other tasks as needed or requested.


4.1 The Annual Meeting of the USOA Underwater Hockey Membership shall be held at a time and place specified by the Committee. The Annual Meeting will generally be in conjunction with the USOA Underwater Hockey National Competition and be a physical meeting.
4.2 The Underwater Hockey Committee shall meet:
4.2.1 immediately after election,
4.2.2 monthly
4.2.3 when called by the Chairperson, or a majority of its members and/or
4.2.4 when petitioned by ten percent of the USOA Underwater Hockey Membership
4.3 Meetings may be conducted in person, by mail or by electronic means. All meetings shall allow opportunity for discussion of any topic proposed.
4.4 Notice of meetings shall be as follows:
4.4.1 a minimum of 60 days notice shall be given for the Annual meeting of USOA Underwater Hockey and any other physical meeting of the Committee or Membership.
4.4.2 a minimum of 30 days shall be provided for a mail/postal vote.
4.4.3 a minimum of 15 days shall be given for an electronic meeting of the Committee.


5.1 Terms of office – Underwater Hockey Committee Members shall be elected for a two year term. In as much as possible, an equal number of members shall be elected each year.
5.2 Term Limits – Committee Members are limited to 2 consecutive full terms. After 2 terms in office, a person is ineligible for election for two years or one term.
5.3 Annually, 120 days prior to the Annual Meeting, the USOA Underwater Hockey Committee establishes a nominating subcommittee of three of its member to seek candidates for expiring and/or vacant positions.
5.3.1 Nominees may be solicited by the subcommittee, may be nominated by a USOA group or member in good standing, or may volunteer themselves.
5.3.2 The subcommittee shall strive for a slate of nominees with geographic diversity.
5.3.3 All nominees must be willing to serve. The Committee will contact all candidates to determine their willingness to serve.
5.3.4 A slate of at least one person per expiring and/or vacant position shall be presented at and no later than the Annual Meeting. A brief biography of each candidate shall be provided.
5.3.5 At the Annual Meeting, other nominations shall be permitted, and/or the nominations shall be closed.
5.4 Voting shall be done by secret ballot; this process may be done electronically. No proxy voting is permitted, as each member must cast his/her own vote.
5.4.1 Within 30 days of the close of the Annual Meeting the Underwater Hockey Financial Secretary shall send a brief biography and instructions for voting to each USOA Underwater Hockey Member of record at the close of the Annual Meeting.
5.4.2 Ballots shall be cast no later than 60 day from the close of the Annual Meeting.
5.4.3 If a mail ballot, the ballots shall be returned to the Society Executive Vice President who shall tally them. If an electronic process is being used, then the certified results shall be delivered to the Society Executive Vice President. The Society Executive Vice President shall deliver the results to the Hockey Committee as soon as available
5.4.4 Term of office shall begin 90 days after the close of the Annual Meeting.
5.5 Vacant elected Committee Members terms may be filled by selection by the majority of the remaining Committee members.
5.6 Upon adoption of these rules, the first Underwater Hockey Committee Elections shall be conducted as follows:
5.6.1 The seven persons receiving the most votes shall be elected.

5.6.2 these persons shall be designated 1 through 7 in order of the vote – i.e. the person with most votes is #1; person with second most of votes is #2 and so forth.
5.6.3 the odd numbered members shall be elected in odd years and shall have a two year first term.
5.6.4 the even numbered members shall be elected in even years and shall have a one year first term. This single year term shall not count in term limits.
5.6.5 section 5.6 shall be deleted in its entirety after the second annual election.


6.1 The USOA Underwater Hockey Committee may establish through the USOA Treasurer such restricted accounts as required to accomplish their purposes.
6.2 USOA Underwater Hockey Committee shall authorize all expenditures from its funds by direct communication with the USOA Treasurer.
6.3 Expenditures are limited to funds on hand.
6.4 USOA Underwater Hockey Committee may establish and/or approve fees for sanctioned events including but not limited to tournaments, clinics, workshops, and courses.
6.5 The Underwater Hockey Financial Secretary shall:
6.5.1 collect and deposit any Society or Underwater Hockey membership fees to an account established by the USOA Treasurer or transfer those funds to the USOA Treasurer in a timely fashion. All membership fees shall be transferred, deposited and/or accounted for by name and group to the USOA Treasurer no later than the last day of each month.
6.5.2 collect and deposit all other funds (tournaments, clinics, try outs, sales or event fees, development funds, and donations) to an account established by the USOA Treasurer or transfer those funds to the USOA Treasurer in a timely fashion. All such moneys shall be reported by category to the USOA Treasurer within two weeks of receipt or completion of the activity generating the funds.
6.5.3 send copies of all collections and/or deposits to the USOA Treasurer. Copies of all checks shall be provided to the USOA Treasurer.
6.5.4 not write checks and/or directly disperse funds
6.6 The USOA Treasurer will regularly report a summary of receipts, expenditures and account balances to the USOA Underwater Hockey Committee and their Financial Secretary.


7.1 Rules of Play and their amendment procedure are as specified by World AquaChallenge Association (WAA), the International Governing Body for Underwater Hockey.
7.2 The process for changing USOA Underwater Hockey Committee Rules is as set forth in the USOA Standardized Competitive Rules.


8.1 The USOA shall send teams to the World Championships as appropriate.
8.2 Team selection:
8.2.1 The team(s) selection process shall be made known a minimum of 14 months prior to the first day of play of the associated world championship.
8.3.2 The National Teams Coordinator shall appoint a team Steering Committee and/or Coach for each team to be fielded.
8.3.3 Each team shall conduct its tryouts, camps, clinics and selection on its own schedule which may or may not coincide with other teams.
8.3.4 Candidates selected for a team shall be required to make a minimum monetary deposit of $500 within 30 days of selection. This shall be used toward their participation expenses.
8.3 Eligibility
8.3.1 World team eligibility shall be as dictated by the WAA.
8.3.2 All team candidates shall be USOA Underwater Hockey Members in good standing.
8.3.3 All candidates shall sign the USOA waiver of liability prior to the selection process.


These rules shall be adopted by the Hockey membership at a meeting called for such purpose. They shall take effect immediately on adoption, subject to approval by the USOA Board of Directors at the Society’s Annual Meetings.