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Nationals 2016

Thornton, CO

We are pleased to officially announce US Underwater Hockey Nationals 2016 in Colorado. Come and enjoy crystal-clear water and the fastest UWH on the continent on our two brand new Sport Courts!

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Foreign Players at Nationals

Dear USA UWH community,

USOA and the USA UWH committee have updated the rules for competition, and I would like to share one specific change with you today:

"9.0 Competition regulations
9.4.3 A single/one non-resident individual per team is allowed to play at Nationals."

The USA UWH committee is aware that some clubs might have seen this "new" rule and some not. So in order to be as fair as possible for the coming National Championship, we wanted to share it with you as well as share the idea behind it.

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Minutes of the USAUWH Committee

The USA UWH Committee held a telephone conference meeting on Saturday February 6, 2016. The agenda and a link to our minutes are below. We have done a poor job of sharing our minutes in the past but are trying to improve our communication and processes. Please contact us if you have any comments. Thank you, Tom Brown (Secretary)

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2015 USA UWH Committee Election Results

The USA Underwater Hockey Committee election results are in. The following four people have been elected to the open positions:

Tom Brown
Kristen Hocutt
Jim Lester
Eric Straily

Congratulations to Tom, Kristen, Jim, and Eric.
Thank you all for your participation, and working with our new electronic voting method!

-Election Subcommittee
Kat Kurtz, Brian Lin, Matt Richards

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Underwater Hockey, photo by Brian Cripe

Promo Video

What do you call a high energy, skills oriented team game that you play 6 feet under the surface of the water? Underwater Hockey! Check this video out to see what it takes.

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