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2017 Age Group Worlds, from Agnes, 4

Again, what a day…

The day started with the U23 men playing against Great Britain. There is so much going on in a day that it feels like that game was two days ago. I hesitate to say much about the game because my memory is failing me… Since I am on the deck and can’t even see the TV screen, I really don’t know much of what happened in the game itself. I guess everyone (including me) will have to watch the game here:
The final score 10-0 in GBRs favor.

Next was the U19 girls against Canada. Very well played by both teams, but USA was victorious. Final score was 7 - 1.
The game can be seen here:

Following that, the U19 boys played the New Zealand team - the same team that trounced the U23 boys in the practice days. In he practice days there was a player on that team that passed the puck up and over Tristan’s head to a player waiting in the goal trough. That was impressive, but even more so when you consider that Tristan was upright in a cobra position. Yikes! This is a tough team! I’ll let Holland report on that game, or you can see for yourself here:

For their second game of the day the U23 played against Argentina. It was a very rough game with a huge number of calls and a a lot of time spent in the penalty box. At one point there were three ARG players in the sin bin. I think the referees were signaling advantage play for close to half of the actual playing time. It was a bit absurd. The cameras were on the surface when Lee put in a goal for the USA, but the referees did not see it and so USA did not get credit for it. Without any camera view of the actual play, we had to swallow the refs call (or lack thereof). It was hugely frustrating for the USA team and it will hopefully not affect their play as they go on in the tournament. The final score was 2-1 in Argentina’s favor. I must say I have not seen the USA boys quite so battered after a game ever before. It must have been quite brutal down there. To see the game, go here:

The final game of the day was the USA U19 girls against New Zealand. A really well-fought game against a very strong team. The final score was 8 - 0 in New Zealand’s favor. These two teams will see each other again tomorrow for their second match-up in the double round robin. I think the USA girls will be able to score. They were very close to the goal several times and now they have a better idea what to expect form the Kiwis. I’m sure they are resting up for the re-match. Today's game can be seen here:

Tomorrow USA plays game
Game 60 vs Turkey U23M at 12:50
Game 65 vs South Africa U19M at 15:20
Game 72 vs South Africa U23M at 17:50
Game 77 vs New Zealand U19W at 20:20

I have been doing commentary and I have found I am not at all good at seeing the numbers on players. Maybe you will have better luck than me, so here’s the roster.

Girls U19 roster:
#2 Nicole Wong
#3 Abby Banks
#4 Rosa Zhang
#5 Jennifer Tom
#6 Kenya Lam - VC
#7 Teresa Lee
#8 Vivian Lee
#9 Elsa Debrunner
#10 Ianna Debrunner - C
#11 Molly Banks
#12 Paige Thompson

USA U23 boys roster:
#1 Samuel Mariani-Baez - C
#2 Nathan Baker
#3 Decker Onkin
#4 Mike Hilton - VC
#6 Ché Shimizu-Castellanos
#7 Ege Akin
#8 Omar Mendoza
#9 Tristan Debrunner
#10 Lee Drinkwater
#12 Ray Antos
#13 Ducky McDuckface

Thank you to all who are watching and giving your support! We certainly appreciate it!

Cheers from Hobart!

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