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5th World Age Group Championship 2019

Dear Junior hockey players & parents,
We are excited to kick start team selection and training for the USA teams that will compete at the next Age Groups Underwater Hockey World Championships in Sheffield, England, August 13 - 24, 2019.
The 11-day event promises to be an excitement-packed athletic festival, with more than 30 teams from all over the world. Here’s some more information from the organizers:

We are very proud of the high level that junior UWH in the US has reached in the past years, which culminated in the competitive U19 and U23 teams that represented us in Spain in 2015 and in Australia in 2017. Bringing our young stars to the world’s stage makes a heartfelt dream come true.
If you are interested, please complete this survey ( by July 30, 2018. Make sure to read the information below.
USA UWH is eligible to send teams in four categories of the tournament, as follows:
• Under 19 Girls
• Under 23 Girls
• Under 19 Boys
• Under 23 Boys
To be eligible you need to:
• Be 18 (or younger) or 22 (or younger) on January 1, 2019
• Be a USA Citizen or Permanent Resident
We expect athletes to commit to working hard on their training, skill development and being receptive to honest coaching. In addition, players will need to travel to training camps and tournaments in 2018 and 2019. The coaches will communicate how many such events will be part of the process before a firm commitment is required from the players.
Interested players need to be able to cover the cost of the tournament travel, team registration, required gear and uniforms, travel to training camp(s) and tournament(s) as determined by the coaches. Every effort will be made to keep costs as low as possible. Cost for accompanying parents are separate.
There are plans already underway for fundraising but a lot more will need to be done. All players and parents should be very active helpers in the fundraising effort.
Coaches will be announced later this summer. More details will be forthcoming from them about expectations for the players and parents.
Tell us now if you are interested in joining the team! Please complete this survey:
Juniors Interest Survey - Sheffield 2019

No payment is required at this point.
Warm Regards,
USA Juniors Steering Committee
Write to us:
Kendall Banks (Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin)
Agnes Debrunner (Denver, Colorado)
Holland Ja (San Francisco, California)
Gustavo Pesce (San Francisco, California)
Kat Search (Washington, DC)

More News

5th World Age Group Championship 2019

Dear Junior hockey players & parents,

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Agnes, 10

It’s almost over… Bittersweet game for the U19 girls today.

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Holland, 11

The bug has spread. All ten of our boys share two suites and now six of them are sick.

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Agnes, 9

I am not sure I can make it through this report. It is SOOOO stressful. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone - I can do that tomorrow.

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Agnes, 8

First game today was M19 against Colombia - a great game that I will let Holland do the report on.

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Holland, 9

Our game with Argentina is not until 5:10 pm so we take the boys on an optional cruise around the Bay of Hobart. It's bitter cold and we're the only people on the boat.

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Agnes, 7

This will be a short report. I’m coming down with some sort of bug and I feel completely wiped out.

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Holland, 8

Our 10:40 am game is with the Brits. They beat New Zealand 5 - 2. I consider this an upset and know that our boys will have their hands full.

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Agnes, 6

It’s a cloudy day in Hobart, but spirits are high. Games are going well, and we are all getting into a good routine for our games.