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Men’s Training Program Dec 3-4

The Men’s Training Program (MTP) will hold its first training session December 3-4, 2016 in Denver, Colorado. This training session is open to all USA men that wish to increase their individual and team skill level, or tryout for one of our National Teams competing in any of the Worlds Championships. If you are trying out for the USA Men’s Elite team you must attend either this event or the second training session to be held April 1-2, 2017 in Denver as well.

This training event will start on December 4th at 9am and complete on December 5th at 3:30pm. Please plan to be on time and attend the entire event.

This event will be a full costshare event.

Costshare is defined as every player in attendance will pay the same amount whether they are local, drive, or fly to the event.

  • Cost that are included in the costshare are:
  • Cost of pool time
  • Lunches provided during the event
  • Cost of the coaches and staff travel
  • Staff Training equipment needed
  • A $5 per player fee that will go towards supporting the USA MTP, including running future training events

What you need to do to attend:

  • Respond to Gregory Appling at ( and Brittany Haughton at ( by October 10th that you are attending. Include in the email
    • Full Name
    • Email and phone number
    • Home Club
    • Reason you are attending this event.
  • If you are flying you must submit your flight booking receipt information to Brittany Haughton at ( by October 31st. Failure to submit you flight information by this date will result in your flight cost to be excluded from your portion of the costshare.
  • Submit your deposit to USOA by October 31st
    • If you are not submitting a flight, please remit $155.00 to USOA
    • If you are submitting a flight, please remit $80.00 to USOA
    • USOA paypal email is

The training event will include:

  • Skills training
  • Introduction to the formation and style of play featured by the MTP
  • Hands on coaching
  • Follow up after the event with written feedback from the coaching staff
  • Video upload of as many games as possible

Each individual will be responsible for their own housing. Below you will find Hotel and rate information that we’ve been able to collect for you.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact me either via email at or by cellphone at 415-637-0784.

Gregory Appling (Team Coach)

Brittany Haughton (Team Manager)

Denver Hotels

  1. La Quinta Inn
    345 West 120th Avenue, Westminster, CO
    (303) 252-9800
    $85.50/night per room (2 beds) + tax of 11.75%
    Includes breakfast
    Should be under "Underwater Hockey MTP"
    Must be booked by Nov 10th at the latest
    20 rooms total on ‘hold’

  2. Double Tree
    83 East 120th Avenue, Thorton, CO
    (303) 920-8000
    $119/room (2 queen beds)
    Includes breakfast for 1-2 guests (if additional people in room then extra $14)
    Must be booked by Nov 1st at the latest
    20 rooms total on ‘hold’


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