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UWH Committee Nominations

Dear Underwater Hockey Members,

We are gathering nominations for candidates to serve on the Underwater Hockey Committee. There is currently one position vacant and three up for re-election.

Here is a brief description of the Committee details:

  • Committee Members are elected for a two year term.
    • Individuals can serve no more than two terms consecutively.
  • Committee members must be USOA members in good standing during their term.
  • Committee members must be able and willing to offer their time and energy to the Underwater Hockey community.
    • The Committee typically meets by conference call once per month on the 4th Tuesday.
    • Subcommittees of the Committee may meet more often as necessary.
    • Task loads typically take between 1 and 4 hours a week depending on each member's duties and responsibilities.

We will accept nominations until June 16, 2017. You may nominate yourself or someone else who you feel would be a good representative for USA UWH. At the annual meeting / symposium during nationals, we will present the nominated candidates and make a last call for nominations. Each nominee will be contacted to see if they are willing to serve.

The voting will be done electronically, starting shortly after Nationals and will be completed by July 16, 2017. This is in compliance with the Underwater Hockey Committee Rules.

Please submit nominations to KT at by the June 16 deadline.

Thank you,
The Underwater Hockey Committee

Eric Straily, Chair
Tom Brown, Secretary
Jim Lester
Diana Madden
Gustavo Pesce
Karen Thullner

More News

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Agnes, 10

It’s almost over… Bittersweet game for the U19 girls today.

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Holland, 11

The bug has spread. All ten of our boys share two suites and now six of them are sick.

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Agnes, 9

I am not sure I can make it through this report. It is SOOOO stressful. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone - I can do that tomorrow.

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Agnes, 8

First game today was M19 against Colombia - a great game that I will let Holland do the report on.

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Holland, 9

Our game with Argentina is not until 5:10 pm so we take the boys on an optional cruise around the Bay of Hobart. It's bitter cold and we're the only people on the boat.

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Agnes, 7

This will be a short report. I’m coming down with some sort of bug and I feel completely wiped out.

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Holland, 8

Our 10:40 am game is with the Brits. They beat New Zealand 5 - 2. I consider this an upset and know that our boys will have their hands full.

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Agnes, 6

It’s a cloudy day in Hobart, but spirits are high. Games are going well, and we are all getting into a good routine for our games.

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Holland, 7

So many letters of encouragement from home. Thank you all. Only one game today.

USA vs South Africa.