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Where to Play

All registered USAUWH clubs are listed below. The listing is alphabetical by state. Club emails are listed beneath each club, where available. Primary contact information is also listed where available. Have specific questions? Contact us.

AZ - Phoenix (UW Hockey), AZ

CA - Sebastopol, Sharks (UW Hockey), CA

Greater Los Angeles Council of Divers/GLAD, CA

Central CA Council of Diving Clubs/CenCal, CA


San Diego Council of Divers, CA




CA - Los Angeles (UW Hockey), CA

CA - Los Gatos/Menlo Park, Club Puck (UW Hockey), CA

CA - Lynwood (UW Hockey), CA

CA - Modesto Finswimmers, CA

CA - San Diego (UW Hockey), CA

CA - San Francisco, Giant Sea Bass (UW Rugby), CA

CA - San Francisco, Sealions (UW Hockey), CA

Rocky Mountain Skin Divers/RMSA, CO

CO - Denver (UW Hockey), CO

CO - Fort Collins (UW Hockey), CO

CT - East Haven, Makos (UW Rugby), CT

CT - Groton, SECONN (UW Hockey), CT

Tristate Skin Divers, CT

CT - Stratford, Barnacles (UW Hockey), CT

DE - Wilmington, Bonefish (UW Hockey), DE

South Florida Skin Divers, FL

FL - Clearwater, Tampa Bay Tough Puckers (UW Hockey), FL

FL - Florida Keys (UW Hockey), FL

FL - Florida Keys (UW Rugby), FL

FL - Gainesville, University of Florida (UW Hockey), FL

FL - Orlando (UW Hockey), FL

FL - West Palm Beach (UW Hockey), FL

Xtreme Divers, FL

Florida Skin Divers Assoc/FSDA, FL

Miami Free Divers, FL

Palm Beach Free Divers, FL

GA - Atlanta, Georgia Tech Swordfish (UW Hockey), GA

HI - Honolulu (UW Hockey), HA

Hawaii Island Freediving Council/HIFC, HI

Kona Coast Spearfishing Council, HI

Alii Holo Kai, HI

IL - Champaign, University of Illinois (UW Hockey), IL

IL - Chicago (UW Hockey), IL

Illinois Council of Skin & Scuba Divers/ICSSD, IL

Midwest Dive Council/MDC, KS

MA - Boston, MIT (UW Hockey), MA

MA - Boston, Narwhals (UW Rugby), MA

MA - Lowell, UMASS Lowell (UW Hockey), MA

MA - Westwood (UW Hockey), MA

Massachusetts Free Divers, MA

MI - East Lansing, Michigan State University (UW Hockey), MI

Michigan Spearfishing Association, MI

MN - Minneapolis/St. Paul, Loons (UW Hockey), MN

NC - Durham, University of North Carolina (UW Hockey), NC

New Jersey Council of Diving Clubs/NJCDC, NJ

NJ - Newark, NJ Hammerheads (UW Rugby), NJ

NJ - Newark, NUWR (UW Rugby), NJ

New York State Divers Assoc/NYSDA, NY

Long Island Divers Assoc/LIDA, NY

OH - Cincinnati (UW Hockey), OH

OH - Cincinnati, Roger Bacon High School (UW Hockey), OH

Ohio Council of Divers, OH

Oklahoma Council of Divers, OK

OR - Portland (UW Hockey), OR

OR - Willamette Valley - Corvallis/Newport/Springfield (UW Hockey), OR

PA - Pittsburgh, Stingrays (UW Hockey), PA

RI - RICONN (UW Hockey), RI

Rhode Island Freedivers, RI

SC - Charleston (UW Hockey), SC

TX - Dallas/Fort Worth (UW Hockey), TX

TX - Houston (UW Hockey), TX

VA - Fairfax, George Mason University (UW Hockey), VA

VA - Hampton Roads (UW Hockey), VA

VA - Vienna, Capital Region (UW Hockey), VA

WA - Seattle (UW Hockey), WA

WI - Sturgeon Bay (UW Hockey), WI