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Club in a Box

USA Underwater Hockey has arranged a heavily discounted starter set of gear to help new clubs get started and outfit all their new members; we call it Club in a Box.

To receive a kit, download and submit the Club in a Box Application

The Club in a Box kit includes:
1) 14 pairs of sticks (12 righty, 2 lefty), shorty, pine (add $30 to upgrade to hard plastic)
2) 1 universal puck
3) 7 glove sets (7 white/7 black, one pair lefty)
4) 14 ear guards (pairs black/white) (add $335 to upgrade to water polo caps)
5) 14 mouth guards
6) A copy of the Beginners DVD.
7) Brochures and postcards for promotional purposes.

Full price, this kit is valued over $500, but your cost is only $265. Alternatively, if your club’s needs differ from what is included here you may request a $265 voucher to create your own custom CIAB. What’s the catch? It’s simple: you and your club must commit to join USOA as members. You and your club will be required to fill out the USOA Waivers (found on our website: and join USOA as dues-paying members (join online at We suggest that this be done by the 2nd month of practice. It will encourage a commitment from your players and help stabilize the beginning group. Along with the CIAB, your membership will entitle you to access the experience and knowledge of USAUWH. Our members range from youths to adults, men and women, beginners to seasoned veterans of international competition—a wealth of expertise.

Becoming USOA members will permit you to:
1) Participate in regional training sessions and clinics
2) Attend tournaments
3) Enjoy full access to our website, including our calendar of events, workout programs, drills, and more, as we continue to upgrade our site.
4) Newsletters, e-mail notices, and updates from the UWH Committee.
5) A mentor club/player to answer your questions as your play develops.
6) Access to a Regional director to help develop your club.

To receive your box, one person must fill out and sign our waiver, pay their USOA dues, and pay for the CIAB. Both the waiver and payments can be completed and sent online through our website (we use Paypal) or the signed waiver and a check made out to USOA Underwater Hockey (for both the CIAB and dues) may be sent to USOA Underwater Hockey – Postal Annex, 39270 Paseo Padre Parkway, Box #452, Fremont, CA 94538. In doing so you are agreeing that all who play with you will become USOA members. We’re a great organization with hundreds of members and we look forward to helping you build your club and seeing you at one of our events.