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Workout definitions

Underwater hockey players use a set of common acronyms to describe different swimming drills and patterns. Here are the common labels (used in the Workouts section):

  • HOHU = half over, half under
  • HUHO = half under, half over
  • OU = over a full length, under a full length
  • UO = full under, full over
  • aSap = as slow as possible
  • FU = full underwater
  • BOGDAT = Breathe Once Go Down And Touch.
  • TOFU = three lengths over, fourth full under- You will only ever do tofus in multiples of 100.
  • BU = bogdat, under- done in multiples of 50.
  • SASD = Strike And Stay Down. Sprint to the middle of the pool, angling from the surface at the wall to the floor in the middle, as you would on the strike. Then swim as slowly as you can under to complete the length