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2017 Age Group Worlds, from Agnes, 10

It’s almost over… Bittersweet game for the U19 girls today. They did a beautiful job winning against Great Britain this morning with a score of 3 - 0, but I am sure they would have much rather been playing in the medal rounds. I am sure they would have had a solid chance to beat both South Africa and Australia, but they never got the chance to play them again. Their final standing is 5th place.

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Agnes, 9

I am not sure I can make it through this report. It is SOOOO stressful. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone - I can do that tomorrow. Jeeze, writing those few words has gotten my heart rate up again. Just thinking of todays games is an adrenaline rush…

The first game played was the U19 men against Canada for 8th and 9th place. The winner to go up into the playoffs. That game can be seen here:

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Agnes, 5

USA had only 4 games today. First game was USA U23M against Turkey. We were expecting a blowout, but USA did well, keeping the score to 7-0. Turkey had not been scored on yet. USA actually came close a few times. That would have been an upset, but it didn’t quite happen. :) You can watch the game here:

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Holland, 2

Second day of practice: Argentina, Colombia and Australia

We arrive at the pool for our scrimmage with Argentina. We have the ten o'clock slot and our U19 girls are finishing up their 9:00 am scrimmage against the Colombian women. It's clear that our U.S. Girls are holding their own and even taking it to Colombia. I speak with Kendall and as usual, he speaks modestly of their performance. I ask him what the score was and he replies "oh, 3 to 2 or something like that".

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Holland, 1

Arrival and first day of practice

The USA delegation all arrived safely yesterday in Hobart, Tasmania. We are staying at the Old Woolstore hotel. A historic renovated building with charm and character. It's centrally located near the beautiful Hobart harbor and walking distance to shops, the waterfront and the Aquatic center.

Three teams: the Under 19 Men, Under 23 Men and the Under 19 Women. I write about the U19 Men that Tom Brown and I coach, but will share what I can about the women coached by Kendall and Sue Banks, and the U23 men coached by Iain Curtain.

Junior Team USA

We are excited to have 3 teams going to the Hobart 2017 Underwater Hockey Championships in July. The U19 Men and Women and U23 Men played together at nationals where they put up many fierce and exciting battles against experienced and determined adults. See some pictures from the event on the juniors' website,