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2017 Age Group Worlds, from Agnes, 10

It’s almost over… Bittersweet game for the U19 girls today. They did a beautiful job winning against Great Britain this morning with a score of 3 - 0, but I am sure they would have much rather been playing in the medal rounds. I am sure they would have had a solid chance to beat both South Africa and Australia, but they never got the chance to play them again. Their final standing is 5th place.

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Agnes, 9

I am not sure I can make it through this report. It is SOOOO stressful. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone - I can do that tomorrow. Jeeze, writing those few words has gotten my heart rate up again. Just thinking of todays games is an adrenaline rush…

The first game played was the U19 men against Canada for 8th and 9th place. The winner to go up into the playoffs. That game can be seen here:

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Agnes, 5

USA had only 4 games today. First game was USA U23M against Turkey. We were expecting a blowout, but USA did well, keeping the score to 7-0. Turkey had not been scored on yet. USA actually came close a few times. That would have been an upset, but it didn’t quite happen. :) You can watch the game here:

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Agnes, 4

Again, what a day…

The day started with the U23 men playing against Great Britain. There is so much going on in a day that it feels like that game was two days ago. I hesitate to say much about the game because my memory is failing me… Since I am on the deck and can’t even see the TV screen, I really don’t know much of what happened in the game itself. I guess everyone (including me) will have to watch the game here:
The final score 10-0 in GBRs favor.

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Agnes, 3

Today was a really long day. The U19 girls played three games - all of them were great games and they played impressively. Both Australia and South Africa were intimidating teams and the USA girls made them work hard for each and every goal. Unfortunately, the USA remained scoreless in those games, but kept SA at 5 points and AUS at 4 points. The Australians scored three of their 4 points in the first 10 minutes and then scored only 1 more point in the last 20 minutes. It was very impressive.

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Agnes, 2

Short update today- bed sounds awfully inviting…

Last day of practice for all of the teams. The U23 boys played against the Turkish U23 boys and also the NZ U19 boys. Great practices, but both of those teams are quite strong and USA U23 couldn’t keep up. USA made some strong drives towards the goal, but never managed to go all the way. Both other teams were very disciplined, which is something the USA U23 still need work on. There are clearly teams here who will beat the USA U23 easily, but there will also be teams that will be very good competition. None will be easy!

2017 Age Group Worlds, from Agnes, 1

Hi Everyone,

I know I promised to send regular updates of our progress in Taz, but life at a world championship is pretty chaotic. I keep hoping things will calm down a bit, but that’s unlikely. Opening ceremonies will be tomorrow night, and after that, all we have to worry about is competing and eating. Should be easy, right?